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Elephant Limbo
Heirloom Stationery

Wedding stationery is the beginning of your guest experience and a treasured keepsake. It’s an item that should be made intentionally and with just the right dose of creativity, which is why hiring a professional is always recommended. Fortunately, the wedding industry does not fall short of amazing stationers and today we’re focusing on a company unlike any other-- Elephant Limbo, a fine art wedding stationery studio for heirloom editorial lovers, offering semi-custom and custom wedding invitations. They are known for their ability to truly merge different materials, textures, and designs that evoke feelings and create time capsules for couples.

 So, who is the lady behind this company, and how does her business work?? Her name is Victoria, she is a mom of two, a wife to another awesome wedding pro, and a creative who studied Fine Arts with a specialty in Editorial Design! Her success comes not only from her sheer talent to create beautiful work, but the customer experience she provides. Taking a holistic approach to her process, she gets to know her clients’ stories, interests, items that are meaningful to them, and more. From gathering these details, she is able to guide all of her clients in the right direction, allowing them to choose a semi-custom design or if a couple chooses to do so, opt for a fully customizable suite. 

What’s the difference between Elephant Limbo’s semi-custom and a fully custom suite you ask?? 

Elephant Limbo has 5 different layouts to choose from in their semi-custom invitations collection. They offer them in 5 pieces (formal invitation, enclosure card, response card, both envelopes w/ printed return address) or 4 pieces (formal invitation, response card, both envelopes w/ printed return address).

These are very versatile and give you the ability to create a unique design at a smaller investment. The elements that are customizable are from a series of options, like the ink colors, printing methods, fonts, paper, and crests. The artwork may be removed, but the layout is not customizable (ie. Text alignment). For an added touch, there is the option to add specialty illustrations (ie. Venue). 

The custom wedding invitation process requires the creation of a design from scratch. You would be able to create something unique for that specific wedding- starting from a color scheme proposal, different designs elements to choose from, artwork, etc. They offer different packages for this in which the amount of pieces included varies. The investment for this option is higher since illustrations are included in the design price and printing + material is additional. 

For both options, there is also the option to add embellishments such as calligraphy on envelopes, wax seals, luxury ribbons, white ink prin (among others)! 

Elephant Limbo’s work speaks for itself, for when talent combines with passion, magic happens! 

To learn more about Elephant Limbo you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @elephantlimbo! 

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