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Love has no boundaries, so why should we? As a company, we value genuine love. We vow to support all couples, providing quality service to every client. We vow to create that one of a kind experience as authentic as our couples love. So, if you're a couple in love, we are here for you!! 

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sam + matt

“I hired Madisyn about a month before my wedding because I realized I would need someone to set up all of my decor for me. What I didn't know is that Madisyn would be doing SO MUCH more. Within a day of hiring her, Madisyn had already reached out to my vendors and started making a timeline for the day. She took soooo much off of my plate and I was able to enjoy my wedding day without having to stress or worry if things were getting done. I was completely comfortable around her and could go to her for literally anything. I had so much fun working with her and would 15/10 recommend Madisyn for your big day, whatever that day is! She is professional, caring, prompt, and someone I call family now. :)”

"would 15/10 recommend madisyn for your big day"

Sarah & Steve

Madisyn of Pampas & Poppy is truly the professional that we needed to shepherd us through the process of re-planning our wedding, which had to completely change due to Covid. We initially were planning for a larger event in upstate NY, which we had to cancel. We decided to get married anyway, even if it meant eating cold pizza on our front stoop with only our parents there. When I initially met with Madisyn, in June 2020, she asked me about my vision for the wedding. I said something super optimistic like "we get married and no one dies." She very passionately told me that it didn't matter what the constraints are, we were going to figure out how to have a beautiful wedding. I think that attitude will continue to serve Madisyn, and her future clients, extremely well - even after the pandemic is a distant memory. As a planner and an event designer, she was thoughtful, knowledgeable, capable and compassionate. She had great ideas to save us money, and she made the process so much fun, which I thought was simply impossible due to the circumstances of, well, the entire year 2020. Her design couldn't have turned out more beautiful and the wedding day went perfectly, including the zoom element that no one had done before! Along the way, she handled some difficult personalities with grace, professionalism and kindness. Our wedding turned out to be joyful, beautiful and so much fun. Oh, and no one spread Covid as a result of our wedding, hurray!

Of course, getting married to the most amazing human that has ever existed was the greatest blessing in my life, and the brightest spot of this difficult year. Meeting and working with Madisyn was another great thing to happen in 2020. If you're looking for the help of a consummate professional with the experience and attitude to manage whatever life throws your way, look no further than Pampas & poppy.

"she was thoughtful, knowledgeable, capable, and compassionate "

Nicole + Rocky

“Madisyn could not have made our wedding planning any easier! Thank you for planning and coordinating our dream ceremony in only a few short months! You made our lives a million times easier! Do not hesitate in hiring her!!!!!! Affordable and so nice to work with!”

"Madisyn could not have made our wedding planning any easier"

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